34SP.com Outage 19/05/21

What We Know

At approximately 14:10 on Wednesday 19th May 2021, 34SP.com suffered a power outage at their Data Centre, leading to a loss of service for their website, the websites they host and emails on their free hosting. 34SP.com’s status page can be found here: https://status.34sp.com/view/1603

TEA Websites notified our clients who are with 34SP.com shortly afterwards

Case Resolved

As of 16:49 all services were restored. 34SP.com continues monitoring their systems.

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About The Author

Tom Amer, Founder
Tom Amer, Founder
Tom founded TEA Websites in February 2017, with the aim of helping small businesses find their online presence. At the time, he was doing his A Levels including IT, and working as a website administrator for an accountancy firm. He has since built sites for businesses in different sectors and countries, and continues this learning journey!
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