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Our Clients are Our Family

We want our clients to feel like family, that’s why we spend the time to get to know you and your business. This allows us to offer proactive advice to help improve and integrate your website with your business

We learn about you and your business to create a personalised website

We use this information to create a bespoke website that conveys your business ethos

We get you listed on Search Engines like Google

Our Services

Quick Launch

Looking for a high-quality website in under 10 days.

Choose from a selection of prebuilt themes for you to add your colours, branding and content

Get in touch today to see if we have one fit for your needs!

Bespoke Websites

Need a website which is bespoke to your business ethos?

Get in touch today to see how you can have a collaboration with TEA Websites for your new website

Care Packages

Have you had a website built and now you have to fend for yourself?

Or need someone more experienced to do those small tweaks at a fair price?

We offer support and maintenance packages to fit your needs, be that ad-hoc or contractually 

Get in touch today to see how TEA Websites can take care of your website

Ad-Hoc Support and Maintenance

If you don’t have the need to commit to a care package, don’t! We offer ad-hoc support and maintenance to help you with edits to your site

Get in touch today to see how TEA Websites can help work on your site


We offer comprehensive design services, including graphic design, motion design, branding and sound design for your business

Get in touch today to see how TEA Websites can help your brand

White Label Development

Looking for TEA Websites to offer the services listed above under your name?

Get in touch to get a quote for how TEA Websites can offer WordPress White Label Web Design for your and your business

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