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With the launch of our new website, we are also offering new services to new and existing clients. As well as our new Shopify Services, where we can get you online and selling your products, we are also releasing our WordPress Care Packages.

We asked all of our clients what they struggle with for managing their website. Responses included wanting the best hosting for the price, making sure their website security is good, and that their website is fast. We also know how important having a website is, and why it should be available 24/7, so we’ve added 24/7 uptime monitoring.

So, what’s included?

UK Based WordPress Website Hosting

We offer 34SP Dedicated WordPress hosting in our care packages. Includes a Free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Email Addresses and 25gb Storage. Read Why Great WordPress Hosting Is Worth It in our blog!

Happy with your current hosting? Get in touch and we can quote a reduced rate

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

If your WordPress website goes down for more than 5 minutes, we’ll be alerted and will look to identify the issue.

You’ll also get both an email and text alert. Plus we’ll be on hand to support in getting your site back online.

This may not seem important, that’s why we wrote a blog article on it! We’d recommend reading Why Your WordPress Website Needs 24/7 Uptime Monitoring!

Daily Cloud Backups

Daily cloud backups mean you can always have a fall back option if something happens to your WordPress website. Read why this is so important! Top Reasons to Backup Your WordPress Website. These are held for 90 days on EU servers. Our Maintain Lite plan only stores them for 30 days.

For Monitor and Maintain, 1 backup a month is kept for 12 months, for historical usage.

Daily Security Scans

We use Securi site scanner to detect malware and if your website is blacklisted. We run these checks daily. This is in addition to the AntiVirus used by 34SP hosting, for extra peace of mind

Weekly Performance Scans

If your website goes down for more than 5 minutes, we’ll be alerted and will look to identify the issue.

You’ll also get an email confirmation, and we’ll call you during work hours to alert you

Small Edits To Your Website

Our Maintain WordPress Care Package comes with small edits to your site. We can make changes to your site, like updating pages, editing contact forms or changing the navigation.

Capped at 2 hours per month. More can be purchased at our Care Package discount.

Weekly Website Reports

We’ll send a report into the past week direct to your inbox. This includes information on the above, as well as any custom work we’ve done, page views

*Our Introductory Offer can be redeemed up to or on 30th September, and will give your first month half price of our care package. Our care package can be bought on a 3 month rolling contract, with a 30 day termination period.

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