Website Subscriptions That Enable Business Growth

Website Development can be expensive. We build your site and split the cost over 2 years to get your site up and running, fast.

Growth Enabler

We’ve been doing this for over 5 years, so we know how to create an optimal foundation for your business growth. We take pride in taking the time to learn about your business to ensure it matches our delivery.

Managed Security

We use always-on security for your site, including daily backups, managed firewall, brute force protection, malware scanning and more. Never worry about your website not being available to visitors.

Privacy Centric

We respect consumers’ privacy rights and provide you with the tools to also. With a policy generator, cookie consent tool and privacy-first analytics, earn consumers’ trust in your brand.

We learn about your business to match our offering to fulfil your needs today and expect your needs of tomorrow.

We thrive on knowing we are enabling your business growth. Our Business Success Subscriptions mean you have access to a Growth Manager. Our Growth Managers will have a regular success call to make sure your website is benefiting your business. From enabling new features, to complimenting your offline plans, we keep your website updated and as fresh as launch day, for the duration of your plan.

Jon Nield, CEO of Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Inc.

TEA Websites have done a great job designing and building ECRI’s new website. They employ a really good workflow process so you always know where your project stands and the actions you need to take. They also provide an aftercare service which takes all the hassle out of maintaining the website. Thoroughly recommended, and great value for money.

– Jon Nield, CEO of Engineering & Construction Risk Institute, Inc.

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Our Services

Website Development

Your website is your accessible storefront. From showcasing your services to getting leads, your website can be a powerful marketing tool to grow your business. Offering both subscriptions and custom development, we can work with you to maximise your investment.

E-Commerce Development

Looking to sell either virtual or physical products online? Our E-Commerce Development uses the best-in-class Shopify platform to provide you with a platform to grow.

Managed SEO

From On-Page Technical Support to Copywriting and Blog Posts, we research your current SEO position and create a prioritised plan.

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