Helping out a local volunteer group – PCCA

Tom, TEA Websites

Since the 19th March 2020, I’ve been supporting Pewsey Coronavirus Community Association, an organisation setup to help the local Pewsey community deal with the local problems in the current coronavirus situation.

From arranging meds/prescriptions to food parcels, general help and advice to dog walking – the group is aiming to help their local community in anyway they can.

They approached me with the issue that currently they use a Facebook group, however not everyone, especially those needing their support, would have a Facebook account.

The PCCA website started as a simple informational site, with a map of districts, posters to request support, and the services they offered. Over the past 5 months their requirements have changed rapidly, with a speedy deployment of a library using WooCommerce and a blog for their daily updates.

We soon found they were spending too much time posting their daily updates to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some clever automation meant their website became the source, and each social channel updated within 5 minutes of a new update.

Launching the first version of the site took less than a week, with key information being provided, and then additional information being added in the following weeks.

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